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Although letter writing may not be the most common task for college students, it is something that you will likely encounter quite often if you study creative and literary writing. If you are interested in this type of work, it is a good idea to find a professional letter writing service. You may not need to hire writers for the first time, but it is more reliable to have your letters written by a company that you can trust. AcademiaWriting.com is exactly that writing service.

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Let's suppose you are asked to write an assignment for an academic course. It doesn't matter if it's a letter, essay, or report. However, you don't know how to do it and you don't have anyone to ask. What do you do? It is a good idea to download some examples before you try to create your own. This approach does have a problem. While a customized letter that you receive may be good quality, it will only cover topics that are at most somewhat related to your subject. You can only get letters online and have them written exactly according to your specifications. You will get exactly what you pay in this case.


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It doesn't matter if it is for creative writing classes or any other purpose. The number of different letter types that a student might have to write can be quite overwhelming. Conventions from one type often don't apply to another. The following types of letters are most commonly encountered by university students:

Cover letter: A letter that is usually sent with other documents, such as a resume or CV, to introduce the sender to the employer. It serves two purposes: to introduce the sender and to provide additional evidence that the applicant is qualified to be an employee of the company.

A friendly letter: A type of personal message that is written in accordance with certain conventions (such as the presence of dates and means of addressing). Although it is a personal message, it can be freeform to some extent, but must still follow a certain structure.

Thank you Letter: letterThese are used to show appreciation for someone's work. This can be sent to professionals to show appreciation for their services, or to friends to thank them for a favor.

Letter for Job Application: These are exactly what the title says. You send them when you apply to a job at a company. It should include a description of why you think you are suitable for the job and your plans to contribute to your employer's success.

Business Letter: These are for business associates and serve as a standard means of communication in an entrepreneurial setting. You should be aware of the etiquette for this type.

Recommendation letter: This letter is used to evaluate the abilities and other qualities of a person. These letters are usually attached to a job application.

Love letter: These are not in great demand today, but it's not unreasonable to ask if you need one for your creative writing class. This type is not governed by any conventions and is often evaluated based on its emotional impact.

Political letter: It is a letter that is addressed to a public figure and intended to express support, complain or request a change in policies. These letters are not meant to be addressed directly to the person concerned, but are instead published in places where they can be seen.

Personal letter: A letter between friends that deals with non-professional issues. You don't need to adhere to any conventions. The only thing you should remember is the general rules of English.

Professional letter writers are familiar with the differences among these types and can provide meaningful assistance for any subtype. This is why it is important to have skilled writers write your letters.