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Terms & Conditions !

AcademiaWriting.com acts as the writer on behalf of their well educated and experienced team, and provides its customers original and proofread work. Therefore when you order any deal, we i.e. AcademiaWriting.com is the writer and "you" are deemed to be our "customer" who is availing our services.

By using our service you must agree to the terms and conditions stated herein:

1. The project details/instructions provided by the client while ordering the essay must be complete in all sense i.e. AcademiaWriting.com must be provided with every single instruction regarding the essay/assignment provided by instructor, ordered during the project commencement itself and the client must be held liable for the same. Please note that once the project commences with the given specifications, no other additional instruction will be entertained by academiawriting.com free of cost. In case of further instructions to be provided, we shall charge extra for the extra instructions when its done or already started for the added efforts.

Discounts and commission

We offer a wide range of discounts to our regular clients.

Payment procedures

2. After agreement and discussion between the academiawriting.com and the customer as soon as we receive the payment confirmation and the project starts. This agreement shall continue up till the time of amendments.

Clear specification from customer

3. Customer or members will be liable to provide all guidelines and instructions, once we will start work or finish work additional changes or extra guidelines will be charged extra. Please note that according to existing guidelines the revision up to 10 days or as per agreement with any individual customer will be all free. Any failure or delay in providing the required information by the customer will lead to natural delay in the completion of the project. In such a situation, the company, we will not be held responsible.

Money Back Guarantee

4. Your order at academiawriting.com is backed up by a solid 100% money back guarantee. That is our way to protect the interests of our customers while our team of dedicated writers take care of their orders. Full refund applies in the event:

5. The customer unintentionally makes duplicate payment for the fee. we will refund. If in any case it fails and does not meet expectations of the supervisor/teacher, we will ask for feed back sheet/proof, and we will compensate by replacing it with any other task of same amount or will refund your money back. If ever academiawriting.com cannot provide a competent writer for a given subject or academic degree.

6. Our papers should be treated as model paper. Buyer has no right to submit our paper with his own name.

7. The money-back guarantee will not apply in case of:

i) Payment made in Installments.

ii) Refund claimed for following types of products:

(a) Resume/CV (b) Cover Letter (c) Revised/edited paper (d) Software development

iii) Academia Inc. agree to receive payment after delivery of the product.

iv) Money refund claimed after specified time period.

8. We strive to adhere to the instructions given by the customer but should it be impossible to do so, then we reserve the right to terminate the contract though it is rare but happens and we will refund all your fee.

9. Value Added Tax (7.5%) and with holding tax (16%) is non-refundable.

Revision Policy

10. Our experts try their best to provide you quality research and writing services. However, if our writer missed any point then you can request for revision. If you request additional material to include the paper which was not requested in initial instruction, then you will need to pay fee for extra work.

11. Editing/revision within 7 days after submission of the order will be free of cost. If you need revision or any changes after 7 days, extra fee will be charged.

Legal Liability

12. Our customers shall not hold the company responsible for any legal action or other undesirable consequences suffered as a result of their use or misuse of academiawriting.com products and services. AcademiaWriting.com is to be held harmless should an event leading to judgments, fines, fees or negative actions occur. The customer also consents to defend us in the event of legal charges against academiawriting.com. Should the customer breach any provisions of AcademiaWriting.com terms and conditions, total indemnifications then applies.

13. We are dedicated to providing highest quality writing services for academic essays as well as papers. Our liability is nevertheless limited to the value of services delivered. We shall not be held responsible for any indirect, punitive, exemplary, incidental, special or consequential damages incurred during and after the writing contract period, including loss of status, loss of university degree or college fees in case such unforeseen circumstances occur. This applies equally irrespective of whether the liability is a real one or perceived and whether one of the parties has been notified of potential damages.